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Sample Devices

RadioShack CAT.II DVM (CAT. NO. 22-805)
Gage Connections Inc. GageMux (PartNo: 100-20P)

Sample Commands

Display Readings in Hex
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Specifying a Serial Device
Sending Hex Values
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Programmable Wait Time

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Sjinn Sample Usage

Gage Connections Inc. GageMux (PartNo: 100-20P)

$ rs232 -s "R01\r\p\R01\r" -r8 --verbose
0.2910 $


Sends two "R01" strings trailed by carriage returns with the default pause time (500ms) in between. The reading on the 1st Mitutoyo digital indicator is 0.2910 and is sent to STDOUT.

These multiplexers required one command to get the readings into the buffer and a second to actually read in the value from the buffer. That is why there are two commands and only one return value.