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Sample Devices

RadioShack CAT.II DVM (CAT. NO. 22-805)
Gage Connections Inc. GageMux (PartNo: 100-20P)
Liebert Environmental Communications Adapter (ECA2)

Sample Commands

Display Readings in Hex
Display Readings in ASCII over Hex
Send Multiple Commands in a Single String
Specifying a Serial Device
Specifying Wait Time
Specifying a Unique Pause Time
Programmable Wait Time

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Sjinn Sample Usage

Sending Hex Codes to a Device

$ rs232 -d /dev/ttyS1 -s"\h52 30 31 OD\h\p\h52 30 31 OD" -r8 --verbose

/dev/ttyS1 9600 8n1 +dtr -rts -cts -dsr
send [hex](52)(30)(31)(d)[ascii][pause]
wait 0.500000 seconds
wait 0.500000 seconds
read 8 characters


  • \h toggles hex/ASCII mode, default = ASCII
  • notice the numbers in () are the hex values converted to decimal